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Furnace fixed thanks to community’s generosity


“We had to disconnect it, otherwise it would kill us,” said executive director Sharlee Morain.

That fix would cost the organization roughly $16,000, a hefty sum of money the organization did not have at the time.

In order to get that money, Morain turned to the Elkhart community for help and was not disappointed.

The Community Foundation of Elkhart County awarded the nonprofit an $8,000 grant through the organization’s Good Neighbor ELKHART — The bone chilling temperatures just got a little more bearable for volunteers at Shepherd’s Cove in Elkhart, thanks to recent donations that have gone toward fixing the organization’s furnace.

The nonprofit organization’s furnace recently broke and was recently emitting carbon monoxide, a potentially lethal gas that indicated the furnace was in need of a major fix.


Anonymously, a donor gave the organization $5,000, meaning Shepherd’s Cove only had to pay $3,000, which came from the group’s general funds.

“We have just run on prayer and the support of the community,” said Morain, evoking the group’s Christian mission.

Although Shepherd’s Cove is closed until March, the wintertime provides an opportunity for volunteers “It’s an ongoing process; it never ends,” Morain said.

In general, fundraising is the most difficult aspect of running the nonprofit organization, Morain said.

“We have to compete with so many other places, if someone has $1, it’s like how do we get that dollar,” she said. “That’s a really hard thing.”

The group is just over three years old, meaning it hasn’t developed a large donor base like other nonprofits making it difficult to make to clean, reorganize, and prepare for the new year.

ends meet.

Currently, Shepherd’s Cove is in need of children’s clothing, a segment of the population the group helps the most.

Morain noted that this includes socks, underwear and t-shirts, clothing that some people may forget about when donating.

“As long as it’s wearable, we will use it,” Morain said.

In October, the organization also raised money to pay for a new roof. Shepherd’s Cove is located at 347 W. Lusher Ave. in Elkhart.

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